Week 2

I was able to walk a slow 1/2 mile (actually .6 of a mile ….. going to take ALL credit for this one!) around the “big” block. Was so encouraged that it did not seem to increase my pain.

Spoke with the Nevro Rep that makes my program changes. Was very thankful they were checking in on me. He asked me several ?’s to make sure he understood where I was at and was concerned with resolving the issue in my foot/ankle and now lower leg even though I, and I’m sure he, is certain it is NOT a result of the stimulator. Actually was encouraged that he may be able to make some programming changes that may help with the pain. He took the initiative to make an appointment with himself and my surgeon for the following week. I can not say how much I LOVE the Nevro team.  They have been my advocate and voice!


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