SCS Investigation

Honest & Refreshing

As I began my “investigation” into spinal cord stimulators … it became quickly apparent that information put out by vendors, researchers and the like is pretty benign.  I understand why that might be … but, I was not interested in the medically benign, “careful” information … but a personal reflection of reality.

One day, while heading to my favorite blog sites to check up on hikers heading out on the the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails … it hit me to check out the blog world for the perspective I was looking for.  While many sites were still presented from the “medical” perspective, I quickly came across “BionicJenUK.Wordpress.Com“.  Her perspective was honest and refreshing.  (Yes … I did steal her title key “Bionic/1st name/Country” … hoping that others would continue the trend blogging their own experiences for others to share.)  

The most important thing I learned about spinal stimulators while reading blogs is:  whatever the similarities or differences in vendors, surgeons, diagnosis, etc., … everyone’s journey … their facts and perspectives … were all very unique.  

Here are my “facts and perspectives” … my unique journey …  …  …