Background Experiences

Life before injury:  runner, skier, outdoors-woman loving hiking, fishing & camping

Initial Injury 1-11-2000:   simply put:  L4/5 rupture resulting from a work injury

Surgery:  L4/5 cadaver disc fusion with hardware … and much, much un-interestingly more

Later “Diagnosis”:  Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (whatever that means!)

Average Daily Pain Scale #’s: 7-8

From Ashes to Beauty” .. A piece I submitted to the Yosemite Renaissance 2017

Life after injury:  Discovered Photography & Fiber Art.  Fought, but was drawn to agoraphobia

Managed Pain with:  Successful/Unsuccessful attempt with a Spinal Stimulator in the early 2000’s.  Fentanyl  Patch & Norco – (used sparingly)

Break Through 2015:  H.E.L.P. Pain management 6 week Clinic:  “assisting those with chronic pain return to a meaningful life”.  Program was run by Physicians, Physical Therapists, & Psychologists.

Life after HELP Clinic:  was more drawn to intentionally “live” than “exist”.

Average Daily Pain Scale after attending HELP clinic: average # 4-6

Running … (and yes a little walking) … Shepherd’s Gate 5K

Break Through:  Ran in a 5K race with my special peeps … all Glory to God … moments I will NEVER forget.

Break Through:  The gym and running became too hard on my 60ish year old body… I did not give up … I began swimming.

Average Pain Scale 6-7 … but, creeping up

2018 – saw a pamphlet in physician’s office for Nevro HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulator