SCS Week 1

I have just completed week 1.  What a ride!!!

The Permanent SCS unit was not to be “turned on” until the post op appointment on day 5 to keep surgical site pain and my chronic back & leg pain from confusing messages sent to my brain … and I am assuming also the Nevro Team. 

Day 2-4 – I remained with a pain scale between 8-9 due to the left foot/ankle pain.  Day 4 I was able to walk unassisted but was still unable to have even a bed sheet touch my foot.  I slept with my left foot in a storage box to remedy the issue.

Day 5 – My post op appointment and Nevro Rep turns my unit on!

  • Pretty much the same M.O. as the trial but, with a greater amount of information regarding charging and programming the unit.  Was encouraged that it is best to charge the unit at the same time each day … which should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • Reminded not to twist, bend, lift my hands over my head, or lift anything heavier than 5 lbs. for 6 weeks!!!!!!  This allows scar tissue to grow around the wire/leads to keep them in place.

Day 6 I began creating the daily habit of charging the battery each morning

  • The unit is charged by placing a rubber covered rechargeable coil over the battery implanted in my back hip area.
  • as the Nevro Rep suggested … it took between 20-30 minutes to get a full charge.

Day 7 – I created a log to document pain improvements and program changes for my device

  • Was happy to log that my left leg and lower back pain was down as well as my left foot/ankle pain was down to a 7 … but, I noticed that the painful area in my foot/ankle was noticeably “redder” in color than my right foot …. odd!
  • I also noted that “evenings” and riding in a car made my left foot/ankle worse
  • I finally started to figure out the difference in foot/ankle pain that radiates up … and leg pain that radiates down.  Still confusing to decipher the difference between the 2 when logging my pain #’s.  
  • I received a phone call from the same Nevro rep I spoke with during the trial.  I mentioned the left foot/ankle pain.  SHE HEARD ME!  Asked many questions to make sure she understood my concerns. Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the Nevro team
  • FINALLY able to gently shave my legs …. even the hairs on my legs hurt!