Permanent SCS Surgery Day

  • I returned to the table with the foamy arc shaped pillows
  • A small battery device connected to thin, flexible wires/leads were implanted under the skin near my spine.  The implanted device transmits mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord.  The pulses calm the nerves and reduce pain signals to the brain.
  • This time an anesthesiologist was present.  Night, Night, Sleep Tight!
  • Awoke with a headache and marked pain in my left foot/ankle.  I do not remember having any actual pain at the surgical sites.  
  • After a juice box and some additional time in recovery for some extra bags of fluids because of my headache (personally, I was more concerned about the foot/ankle pain) … I was released to my husband and a bumpy 2 hour ride home.  He had a diet coke waiting for me in the car which … I am still forever grateful for.
  • By the time I got home, the pain in my left (only) foot/ankle had increased to a strong #8.  I took to the bed instead of the recliner out in the living room which prevented our puppy dogs from jumping on my leg and allowed me to control undesired input of any kind.
  • I quickly realized I needed my husband to get me to the bathroom (those dang extra bags of fluids!).  I was unable to walk on my own because the pain in my left foot/ankle was so severe. The pain was a very cold numbness and constant spasm with periodic electrical shocks that “jolted” my entire body. (I am not kidding!!!!!). Oddly, I still do not remember any pain at all at my surgical site.
  • The pain in my foot/ankle continued to escalate to a solid #10.  Not only was I not able to walk on my own … I was unable to tolerate the feeling of a bed sheet touching my foot.  WHAT IS GOING ON?????
  • Because the sudden occurrence of “new” foot/ankle pain is uncommon and unexpected … I was sent home without any pain meds.  When my surgeon called to check up on me … I mentioned the pain in my foot/ankle … he never really “heard” me … assuming I was talking about surgical site pain. A nice guy. Meant well. But, he did not “hear” me. 😦