Week 3 – Reprogramming

This last week I had my appointment with the Nevro Rep & my surgeon.  I had cautioned myself not to have too great of expectations.  The 2 1/2 hour drive was made MUCH easier because our larger and STINK’N BRAND NEW Chevy Equinox.  (We are now a 1 car family!).  ANYWAY!  though my foot/calf pain had basically stabilized to a # 6/7 … I was happy to report the joy I was having at rarely experiencing low back pain anymore.  I had concerns that the adjustments to address the pain in my foot & calf would change that.  He assured me that he could make changes that would keep my back “in hiding”.  

The Nevro Rep made his changes via the computer … it was rather quite simple.  My hope was to feel some pain relief within 12 hours.  After that I had a certain amount of control myself to “mess around” with different programs … as long as I made only 1 change every 48 hours.  The Surgeon came in and “heard” my concerns and was even more responsive to seeing the pictures of my left foot/calf being noticeably redder than the right.  I had some swelling in my left leg and he mentioned it was likely from not exercising it.  (Well yeah! …. I sat in a recliner afraid to move my foot for fear of increased pain.  Like I said … even the hair follicles on my leg hurt.)   I did feel like he “heard” my concerns …. thanks to the Nevro Rep.

12 hours later ….. I had noticeable improvement in my foot/calf pain and additional improvement in my leg pain.  My back pain did not return!  Can I get another HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!

48 hours after that I made an additional adjustment (yesterday) and I am feeling additional slow but sure progress.  Again, my progress is matching my hope!  

Since my appointment, I have taken 2 walks, each over a mile long, was able to get back creating with my sewing machine … and was able to “hang”, without horrid pain, with my mom in the ER for 1/2 the day.  Feeling quite chipper, indeed!

… to be continued ….